Monday, November 24, 2014

A typewriter named Sandy

Sandy in her natural habitat, next to Hank my Swingline stapler.
The carriage lever has left a scar.
Pay no attention to the thumb in the upper left corner..

Friday, November 14, 2014

Oh Brother!

My most recent acquisition is this Brother Deluxe, and I am very impressed. No typecast today, looks like I'll be keyboardin' this one :(
I have to admit, I'm impressed. After a lot of crappy online purchases it is good to know I am still capable of making decent buys. At only $20, this is probably the cheapest online purchase I will run into for a long while.
I apologize for the hasty photos, I am just feed up with the terrible lighting in my basement. However, it is REALLY cold outside. I think it snowed yesterday...
 I really like the touch of this machine. It's pretty stiff, but given I love my Underwood 21 (aka Studio 44) I have a tendency to prefer stiff machines. Even my Royal KMM is stiff and I've neglected cleaning it in fear of it losing it's stiffness.
The case is very well designed. Never before have I seen a case that fit so tightly over a machine, no space is wasted! I can fit the typewriter and case in my backpack and still have lots of room.
Even though the machine itself isn't in the best of shapes, it came with all the original manuals, lotsa Ko-Rec-Type, and the original cardboard packing insert.
One thing that bugs me is the deformed keytops.. how does this even happen!?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I looked up the embossed name on the ribbon cover and case. Apparently,  Sylvia Mae Hybl (actual spelling)  is in her 70's and lives in the town the Goodwill I bought it from. I would guess she was cleaning out her closet or something and found this. 

Thanks, Sylvia!