Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's time for a rant!

Early in the morning a few months ago, I typed up this page while I was on a caffeine high from a rather large cup of coffee. I posted it quickly, taking a picture of the sheet rather than take the time to scan it. A few hours later, I removed it because it was very rant-ish for so trivial a subject. Some of you may recognize it, if you were one of the original 14 or so people who saw it. I have posted it up here again because I rediscovered it among some old papers in my desk and I am approximately 60 views from reaching the 4,000 mark, and if it turns out I don't return to this blog I'd like to have at least reached 4,000 views.

Now, before you read, keep in mind that I had consumed a little too much coffee that morning and that I wasn't exactly thinking through everything I wrote.

Enjoy! And remember to take everything I have written here with a grain of salt ;)

(click to enlarge, if you need to.)