Sunday, February 22, 2015

Six Typewriters, One Post

January and February have been very generous to my collection! In just two short months I have acquired six new machines, and sold two. I decided that instead of making a multitude of posts, I'll just make one big one. Here they are, listed in no particular order. Enjoy!

#1. Generation 3000

#2. Royal Futura 800

#3. Tower Chieftain (Olivetti Lettera 22)

#4. Royal KHM

#5. Triumph Perfekt

(see my last post)

#6. Royal Apollo GT-12

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yeah, those little silver-seiko made Royal Apollos are amazingly quiet electrics. (:

  2. That Royal KHM is really neat. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the Futura 800 either.

    1. I really like how it was repainted to match the look of the HH.. it makes it a pretty unique looking machine, I think I even prefer it to the typical gloss black!

  3. Lucky you! The Royal KHM's are super machines, and built like tanks - enjoy it. The Futura 800's are good too, but I think when they came out in 1958ish, it was the start of the cheapening of their typewriters - it's fine but not a star! No matter how good or bad typewriters are, they're fun toys for big boys, and girls!!

    1. KHMs really are great, or I wouldn't have two :) . Although I like the touch of the KMM/KMG series better, I think that KHMs have a better combination of both touch and style.

      Yeah, I did notice that the overall quality of the Futura was lacking a bit. Just comparing it to the tank-like KHM I got recently after, one can see how inferior it is. However, it is still far better than the decade later Custom that I used to own!

  4. On the subject of owning typewriters nearer our ages (the generation 3000), I have NOT found a typewriter I like that was made in 1968!! I'm still looking. Once I had an IBM Executive model D, but every time I get one of those running, for some reason, they don't stay running. Most other typewriters made that year were disasters either in styling, quality, or both. I guess I was just born too late!!