Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Welcomed Immigrant

Shiny :D

X Over It (please check it out, it's a fantastic blog!)


  1. Congratulations on the fine typewriter. I saw this on Nick'd blog, and coming from Nick I know you got a really good machine.

  2. Not my day for comments. I think I mis spelled something on everyone's blog today.

  3. I'm glad it got there safely and you could fix (mostly) the linespacing!

  4. Nice! The alignment is very good. The fancy M is for marks (currency).

    1. The capital letters are not perfectly aligned, but just slightly off. It isn't bad enough for me to want to fix. Aside from that, yes, it is well aligned :)

  5. What a Happy Birthday gift! It looks like a beauty. I'm waiting for the Torpedo to arrive from Nick B - he usually has beautiful machines. It'll be my first german keyboard typewriter, and especially from the pre War years in Germany, who knows what history, or events it saw or participated in?!! If only typewriters could type out their history for us...
    Are you from Illinois? I live in Wisconsin, but travel to Chicago every week for work.

  6. Oh, that Torpedo looked amazing. I almost bought it, but I was a little late to email! I still love my Olympia, though.