Sunday, November 9, 2014

A keychop rescue

I just love that logo..


  1. A great save and a lovely machine.

  2. Aren't the Royal Arrows great. Thanks for the salvage job - one more for us!
    But if you find a already chopped, or damaged Arrow like this, mine came perfect except for a missing L keytop and the first support likage.

    1. I may be able to help... I have a mid '40s Quiet De Luxe that I am about to decide whether or not to make a parts machine, I'm getting close to giving up on repairing it. If I do decide to part it out I'll get it up on the parts machine page soon:

  3. I have a 1949 Royal Arrow that once belonged to my girlfriend's dad. But the way we got it was strange: I bought a 1949 Royal Arrow portable from an antique shop several years ago. About the same time, my girlfriend and I were rummaging through her dad's old papers (he was a car dealer in Archer City, Texas in the fifties). We found a receipt for a Royal portable typewriter. And what do you know, the serial numbers matched exactly!!! We do not know where the typewriter traveled to between his hands and ours, but we have it now, and it is one of my best portable typewriters.