Monday, January 5, 2015

Spam prevention

Alright, so this is a bad time to post. I'm currently in my way to school but these changes are immediate and are in place now.

Due to spam I recently received, all comments need to be moderated before they are posted. I understand that this is frustrating, but I think it is a better option than captcha which many of you despise.

If anyone has better ideas for what to do, I'm open to ideas. Anyway, hopefully I'll be ready to make an actual post soon.


After a comment from Richard Polt, I have decided that I would try out Captcha for a week or two, and see how it works out. If I, or any of you, don't like it I will go back to moderating the comments.

Let me know if the Captcha gets annoying.


  1. If the spam was anonymous, you can disable anonymous comments. I did that and very rarely get spam.

    Captcha has become less obnoxious (sometimes) recently -- you just click a checkbox.

    1. Unfortunately, the spam was not anonymous so that method wouldn't have worked. I think I'll put captcha on for a few weeks, and see how people feel about it. If it gets irritating then I will put moderation back one.

  2. I understand perfectly. My blog was hit a few years ago by the Hermes Company spammers.

  3. Replies
    1. ...aaaand I guess the writer of the blog doesn't go through it. Let's try going anonymous...

  4. Testing again...

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